New Years Resolutions….. one of them was to finally write that first blog post. I’m getting a head start on it, so here it is-

Hi! I’m so excited that you found this little blog among the masses. For a while now I wanted to share behind- the- scenes photos from my creative business, Dreams Design Studio, as well as a few other things that randomly cross my mind.

Here are a few of my favourite things (so there is a good chance you might read about them here sometime):
my no 1- the triple J’s | design | art | food | cake | Melbourne | architecture | tulips | my Creator | the beach | wisdom | humour | books


May blessings and smiles be yours, this is my wish for you on this New Year’s Day


P.S.: Due to the excitement of really writing this first blog post I already broke a New Years resolution- to be in bed by 10pm. Who was I kidding anyway….
Talking about New Years resolutions, did you make any? Do you keep them, or how long does it take you to fall off the wagon?

P.P.S: Just in case you were wondering, the photo on this page shows beautiful Erskine Falls in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, Australia. You should go visit sometime.

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