The long weekend is just around the corner- YAY! Just so you have something to do, here are a few links you can waste some precious time on:

    1. This is what I want! I can’t get enough of this lady! All the food on her site looks amazing! I look at it and I want it! So let this be a warning to you- do go and have a look at her site, but don’t blame me afterwards for the amounts of food you will be eating!
    2. For all the brides and grooms- have a look at this fair, coming to Canberra soon! Their site and Instagram are full of inspiration for any bride and groom.
    3. I’d love to go here. Should I be wearing my Kimono? Or is that trying too hard?
    4. International Womens Day is this Sunday. Do something special for the ladies in your life.
    5. Summer, come back! This is where I would love to spend the next 4 days:

1fa14fb0 What are your plans for the Labour Day weekend?

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