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You are getting married! Congratulations! As you are most likely in full blown wedding planning mode, there are so many things to organise and a million decisions to be made. To make your life just that little bit easier here is a list of all the pieces that make up a wedding invitation suite. You can pick and choose to your liking and requirement:

Wedding Invitation

This one you will definitely need. The wedding invitation is the central piece of your wedding invitation suite and should include all the important information about your special day:

The Who: names of bride and groom as well as who is inviting, eg parents or the couple themselves.
The Where: location of the ceremony and, if you don’t provide a separate directions card, the location of the reception.
The When: date and time of the ceremony.

The invitation also sets the tone of your wedding and gives your guests a sneak peek into the style of your wedding.

Wedding Envelopes

Will you send your wedding stationery in plain envelopes, matching envelopes or invitation boxes? If you are choosing a pretty envelope (possibly with an envelope liner) that matches the colours and finishes of your invitation and would like it to look nice and crisp even when your guests receive them in the mail, consider placing them in a plain addressed envelope first.

A note about using envelope liners, and if you are mailing in an additional outside envelope: Don’t glue the envelope fully shut, but tack it only lightly- this way your guests can appreciate the inside of your invitation envelope instead of ripping the top open.

Response Card

You will need to know who is attending your wedding, so unless you request your guests to call or email you will need to order response cards. These should be enclosed with the invitation and include a pre-addressed stamped envelope in order to make it easy for your guests to mail them back to you.

Directions Card

If your ceremony or reception is hard to find, or you have many guests coming from out of town consider enclosing a directions card. Your guests will thank you!

Gift Registry/ Wishing Well Card

If you have a gift list registered and the store supplies cards make sure you enclose them with your invitation. Alternatively, you can have a gift registry card designed to match your wedding invitation suite. If you prefer your guests to bring you a nice thick envelope as a gift then a wishing well card is what you need. Either way it is recommended to let your guests know what your gift wishes are. It makes their life easier, and yours as well… Really, who needs 4 toasters?

Keep an eye out for future posts where you can read about what to write on the invitation, response card etc.
Is there any other card or information that you would like to include with your wedding invitation?

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