What do you do when the bride is from the US and the groom from Australia? You throw a big engagement party in one country, and celebrate the wedding in the other! Naturally the wedding was to be in the United States- Denise would have not wanted it any other way… which I completely understand. So Australia was to have the engagement party. As a large number of guests was expected and the couple needed to stick to a budget this was to be a DIY affair. It helps when you have quite a large family and a very helpful set of friends! Everybody pitched in, and the end results looked beautiful, if I may say so myself ;) . But the most beautiful thing on the day where the smiles on Denise and Johnny’s faces. They looked truly happy to take this step that will bring them closer to their ‘Happily Ever After’.

D & J Engagement-5

D & J Engagement-1

D & J Engagement-6

D & J Engagement-2

D & J Engagement-4

D & J Engagement-12

D & J Engagement-8

Here are a few tips for organising a DIY engagement, or if you want to take it up a notch- a DIY wedding:

– Make a list. Or two or three… It will help you stay sane.
– Get help! If you have family or friends that are willing to give you a hand with organising, running errands, folding napkins, or just holding your hand when you are having a minor- or major-  breakdown because it’s all too much… take all the help that is offered.
– Make a budget. I know it’s no fun, but this way you will be able to track your expenses and also work out if you can spend that extra money on the photographer you really want.
– Research your venue and suppliers well. If they are professional the whole process will be a breeze.
– Don’t leave too many things for the last minute, this is when you should be getting extra hours of sleep to look your best on the big day, not organising seating charts.
– Most importantly, remember: this is your special day. So what if a few details don’t work out exactly as planned… my apologies to the perfectionists… every engagement or wedding needs a few bloopers.

Do you have any tips? Do share them in the comments below…

Venue: St Bernard’s Parish Hall, Bacchus Marsh; Photography: Dream Imaging Studio; Flowers: Diana; Finger Print Tree: Dreams Design Studio & Fulga & Anda; Catering: Jonathan’s family and friends; Name Tags & Favours: Dreams Design Studio; Cake: Monica

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