There are quite a few elements that make up a wedding invitation suite. You can read more about what they are here. If you are looking for wording for your wedding invitation have a read of this post. Now, what to write on all those other cards that make up your wedding stationery? The first…

What wording should you choose for your wedding invitation? Well, that depends: Is it formal? Or casual? Is your ceremony in a church or at a secular location? Who is hosting the wedding? Do you want to follow traditional wording etiquette? Or do you prefer a more fun tone? If you are following a more…

Mother’s Day- all over Australia Mum’s are- hopefully- sleeping in (that is priority in my opinion!), and being woken by jam- smeared fingers and the delicious smell of waffle hearts! Ah, breakfast in bed! But Mother’s Day means much more than that to me- it means that I am blessed with being a mother to my…

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