Mother’s Day- all over Australia Mum’s are- hopefully- sleeping in (that is priority in my opinion!), and being woken by jam- smeared fingers and the delicious smell of waffle hearts! Ah, breakfast in bed! But Mother’s Day means much more than that to me- it means that I am blessed with being a mother to my two beautiful children, it means that yes, sometimes motherhood is challenging (personalised instruction books should come with every baby), tiring, but it is also soft kisses and little arms wrapped tightly around you. It’s bedtime stories, and listening to your teenager counting down all the benefits of a new computer part (I am becoming quite knowledgable!). It’s when I look at my little daughter painting and poking out her tongue as she is concentrating. It’s receiving the unexpected hug from my teenage son. For me being called ‘Mama’ is the greatest title I could ever get. And somehow every day is this Mama’s Mother’s Day!

I hope all Mums get spoiled on the 10th May! And let’s not forget that it doesn’t matter how old your Mum is- she is forever your mother and you are forever her most precious child. So make sure you visit her, take her out for lunch or at least give her a call. You will make her day!

If you are looking for a gift why not print out one of the art prints below (they are free!), frame it, wrap it and delight your beautiful mother?

Dreams Design Studio- All I Need Is My Mum- Mockup

Download the ‘All I Need Is My Mum’ art print here.

Dreams Design Studio- I Love My Mama- Mockup

Download the ‘I Love My mama’ art print here.

What are you planning for your Mum on Mother’s day? Share your plans in the comments below.

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